Stop The Party Is Here


STOP THE PARTY IS HERE: Every man's fantasy is to admire the various angles of a beautiful naked lady. Stop and enjoy the various options in this early spring setting. A manikin holds the STOP sign with the title, and the baby carriage with the symbolic kitten. Don't go for food or drink in the old Natick inn in the background, stay in front and go into the house trailer, for the best party in town. Cars are: '41 Bantam Convertible, '36 Chevy, '36 Plymouth, '39 Merc, '40 Ford, '37 Pontiac and '38 Olds. Some beverage signs are: Queen Cola, Pepsi, Royal Crown, 7—Up, Coca Cola, Richol Kola and Golden Sun Drop Cola. Other signs are: SLICK WHEN WET, YIELD, SOFT SHOULDER, DO NOT ENTER, LADIES, ONE WAY, CAT—XING, MILKMAID MILK, NEBO CIGARETTES, REST ROOM, CAUTION CURVE, ROOM FOR RENT and STOP AHEAD. Some hubcaps and radiator emblems are: Dort, Willys 6, Stutz 8, Dodge, Bay State , Reo, Star and Chevrolet. Animals: 1kitten, 3 cats, 1 dog, 1 bird. 1 airplane in sky.

detail from lower right

This work is composed from hundreds of photographic
details which are hand cut and assembled.
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